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We all have curtains in our houses and some of us have blinds too. Once you decide to move, you will be wondering if these will fit well on the windows at the new location. If you are moving locally, within your city, you will have seen the premises and you will know if these can be used here. If you are moving domestically or internationally, you will not have much knowledge of the new premises, in which case you can discuss this matter with the landlords there. The Packers and Movers in Ahmedabad will be able to help you move these, once you have decided to take these with you. It is recommended that you wash your curtains and clean your blinds to prepare them for shifting.
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The process followed to pack and load these items

These service providers assist with home relocation, office shifting, and others. They come across curtains and blinds often in their line of work. 
  1. While the curtains can be packed into boxes, the blinds will have to be rolled up and then these will be covered with packing sheets, followed by wrapping with bubble sheets. The packers will make every effort and use their experience to pack these in such a way that they reach their destinations safely. 
  2. The curtains can be placed in boxes with cloth items, though if you want separate boxes can be used too. As for blinds these will be packed separately as these are too large in size to be placed in any boxes.
  3. Now for the loading part, the boxes containing the curtains can be placed in the middle of the pile of boxes in the transport vehicle. The blinds will usually be placed standing in these vehicles, where the space is available. 
These service providers offer assistance with Furniture Shifting in Ahmedabad, if you need to move just the furniture items.


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