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Furniture items don’t just make your house elegant but they make life comfortable for you too. Every one of these items have a purpose, for instance, the sofa set is placed in the drawing room to entertain the guests. Some families get together here in the evening or at weekends to have a little chit-chat. So, when you decide to move you will always take this all-important item with you. The Packers and Movers in Kandivali Mumbai are experts at moving the sofa sets having worked on them for numerous customers. They are experts with furniture shifting, home shifting, office shifting, and all other types of shifting activities.

When you buy a new sofa from a retailer or e-commerce site, you will need these chosen items to be moved to your premises. All of these businesses hire shifting services regularly for moving the items they have sold to the address of the customer. They are business partners and these furniture sellers have selected them because they have proved to be reliable and trustworthy over a long period of time. If these items need to be assembled at your premises and you are finding this confusing and difficult, the Movers and Packers in Mumbai have the right staff members who will be able to do this perfectly for you.

Packing and loading of your dear sofa set
  • Sofas are large items that can be heavy too. The expert laborers move them around carefully after they are packed.
  • As for packing, multi-layer packing is used. At first, the sofa item is wrapped with bubble wrap. Then all of it is covered with packing sheets which are tied up with tapes. Finally cellophane sheets are used to wrap everything up for weatherproof shifting.
If you are shifting home, your sofa will be packed expertly by these service providers and loaded with good skills. 

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