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We all know that every time you make a booking request to the service provider for a later date, they always ask for deposits. The reason they are asking for this is because they want to make sure that you are serious about hiring them and they may have to make preparations, which may cost some money. The Packers and Movers in Jaipur will be reserving a vehicle for you and they will be allotting some time to their staff to serve you. If you cancel then these vehicles and the service of the staff may or may not get used by another customer. This will be a waste of time for them and may lead to losses for them. The deposits are requested as a cover for these eventualities. The reasons you may cancel:
  • You may have found another service provider, serving at a lower rate.
  • You may be busy and hence not available to oversee the move.
  • You may have changed your decision for the move.
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The calculation part of the deposits 

In case you are going ahead with the move, the deposits which are a percentage of the final amount will be adjusted to it when the time comes for you to pay. If it is 10 percent of the total amount, then in the end you will only have to pay the 90 percent of the total amount, when the move completes. The same rule also applies for Car Transportation in Jaipur too, in fact it applies to all types of moves. Most of these service providers will reschedule with the same deposit too. In case of cancellations the refund amount, you will get may be complete, partial or none, depending on the contract between you and these service providers.
Most of these professionals request for deposits as they have to purchase fuel for their vehicles for the move and there are other costs to be covered too. They are requesting for deposits so they can prepare properly for your move. 

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