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Relocation can be a significant ordeal for anyone, especially for old-age people. In Delhi, many senior citizens live alone. Due to the age factor, they require additional assistance for planning, downsizing, and relocating their house, even if it’s in the same city. It’s where professional packers and movers in Dwarka Delhi, enter the scene. Reliable moving experts take care of the entire process, making it a cakewalk for elders, ensuring they shift into their new abode without any complications.

Reliable and licensed movers offer complete relocation solutions to customers with their door-to-door and end-to-end service. Plus, they safeguard your move and provide you with a financial safety net with insurance coverage. Moreover, you can opt for post-moving services also.

Uncle/aunty, you may get a call from movers that offer you service at irrational or overly lower prices. Please, we request you not accept those offers because scammers do such things intending to loot customers, especially the ones with aging. Don’t let them make you their next prey. Always consider checking their credentials and legitimate records, such as certificate of incorporation, GST registration, license, legal permit, etc., Other things that you need to pay attention to:
  1. Be sure movers safeguard your move with sufficient insurance coverage.
  2. Written paperwork that incorporates tiny details of your relocation is crucial. 
  3. Make sure they offer flexible payment gateway options with COD. 
  4. Never pay heavy upfront except for token deposits consisting of 10-15% of your total move.
Packers and Movers in Delhi - LogisticMart

Approximate professional packers and movers Delhi charges range from INR 4000 to INR 19000 and INR 11000 to INR 45000 or more for local and domestic relocation respectively, depending on distance, size of relocation, insurance coverage, quality of packing material, etc. You can save up to 30-35% on your move by:
  1. Asking for price quotations from five or more movers 
  2. Decluttering your house
  3. Planning your move well in advance 
  4. Relocating on a weekday 
  5. Opting for winter relocation 
Bottom Line 

We hope you found the article insightful. Kindly leave your questions or queries, if you have any, in the comment section. 

P.S. Happy Relocation! 

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